Three Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Windows In the Winter

Most people wouldn’t even consider replacing or upgrading the windows in their homes when it is cold and snowy outside. They think that inclement weather and window replacement just don’t go well together. Instead, they prefer to do the work in the warmer months of spring or summer, perhaps simply because it is milder. There are, however, several reasons to consider window replacement in the colder months, one of which is that you will probably save money. Most of all, new, energy-efficient windows are sure to make you more comfortable when cold winds are blowing.

Window Problems Are Magnified In Winter

One reason to consider replacing a home’s windows in the colder months is simply that issues with windows that are minimal in the warmer times of the year become exacerbated during colder months. Some of the materials windows are made of shrink in cold temperatures. Because of this, drafty areas, rot, or leaks are much more apparent, as well as troublesome, during the cold weather. Not only are these defects more evident, but the contractor that you use will be able to diagnose the problem more rapidly and offer a more accurate quote for the proposed work to remedy the situation.

Seasonal Discounts Are Often Available

Everyone wants to save money on replacements and repairs associated with their home. When it comes to window replacement, the best value for the money is often had during the colder times of the year. This is simply a function of supply and demand. Traditionally, fewer folks do home repairs in the winter. Hence, the cost of doing them goes down. In some parts of the country, particularly the northeast and midwest, it is not uncommon the find seasonal discounts of up to 40% versus summer prices.

Enjoy More Flexibility In Scheduling Your Work

Also, because fewer homeowners actually get their windows replaced in the winter, you will find considerable flexibility in the scheduling of any work needed. Window contractors are simply less busy in winter. This affords you the opportunity to schedule your work around important events on your family’s calendar.

Take Action During Winter

As you can see, taking action with problem windows during the winter months makes sense for a variety of good reasons. So, consider contacting the folks at Erie Construction and get your windows replaced now. They’ll provide an inspection of your windows and provide a fair quote for any recommended work.