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At some point, a woman might decide she wants to focus on one particular gemstone type for her jewelry. This will be part of her signature and her fashion image. She may not want to concentrate on her birthstone if she’s not that thrilled about the color or if she just doesn’t resonate with it for some other reason. Anyone interested in starting to create a personal image with the use of fine jewelry may click here for more info.

Color Preferences and Coordinating the Wardrobe

A woman with a diamond as her birthstone may have several reasons for not wanting to have this stone as the main gem for her jewelry. Pricing may be a significant issue. She may connect diamonds almost entirely with engagement and anniversary rings even though many other types of jewelry include these precious stones. She may want something more colorful, perhaps in her favorite hue from a shop such as Adina’s Jewels. She might want to coordinate her jewelry and her wardrobe with colors she finds most attractive.

A Few Examples

Emeralds and tourmaline are satisfying to someone who loves green, while blue topaz, aquamarine or sapphires are appealing to individuals who prefer blue. There are varying shades of the different colors too, even within the same gems.

Levels of Hardness

Someone who loves the changeable character of opal may choose that stone, although it’s important to note its low level of hardness. Opal is easy to damage when worn on a ring or bracelet unless the person is careful not to knock the stone against anything hard or sharp.

Hardness ratings can be viewed online for the various stones. Topaz, for instance, is another one that should be worn with a bit of caution. Although not as soft as opal, it can still be damaged if it hits something hard or sharp.

Starting to Shop

After deciding upon one or two gemstones that will be the main focus in the person’s jewelry, she can start looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings with these precious items. She may want to choose several shapes and sizes for variation.