Identifying and Repairing the Cause of Dampness in a Home

Dampness and moisture in the home can cause a plethora of problems. It can pose issues with the structure of the home and can cause weaknesses in the integrity if left unrepaired. Excessive moisture can also cause mold to grow. This can cause further damage and can also pose health risks for those in the home. Fortunately, there are methods for stopping dampness and moisture in a home. However, the treatments often depend on the type of damp problem that is occurring.


Condensation occurs when air that is full of moisture comes in contact with cool surfaces. This can be easily seen on a bathroom mirror after a shower. When it occurs outside of the occasional incident, it can pose risks of damage and mold in the home. If the dampness is caused by condensation, proper ventilation can help minimize this problem. In addition, any damaged materials, such as wallpaper and plaster, should be replaced.


Another type of dampness is referred to as penetrating damp. This is dampness that is caused by water entering the home horizontally. Usually, this occurs in walls that are below ground level. The water can enter through the walls from the soil that is saturated. This can cause serious damage to the walls over time and pose risks of falling or bowing. Often, this can be repaired with better drainage and a protective material placed between the walls and the soil.


Rising damp is a type of dampness that occurs due to water rising up from the ground into the home. This not only affects the floors and masonry of the home, it can also damage walls due to the water being pulled up into the walls. Repairs of this can include placing a barrier under the home, as well as implementing a drainage system to pull water away from the home. Repairs may include foundation repair and replacing any damage caused to the floors and walls.

There is no need to suffer with a damp home any longer. Damp Proofing provides methods to help keep a home dry. If any dampness is noticed in the home, it is important to seek the help of a professional immediately. They can identify the problem and take steps to repair the issue before serious damage occurs.