Why the Color of a Residential Metal Roof Is Important

Metal home roofs have become popular because manufacturers offer materials in a wide range of colors and styles. Many replicate conventional materials like tiles or shingles. Customers also choose metal roofs because they help make homes more energy efficient. A metal roof in a color that complements the home’s design increases its curb appeal and value. Many homeowners choose a color before they compare estimates from roofers. Since metal is very durable, a poor color choice could leave homeowners with an unattractive roof for years.

Colors Should Complement Homes

It is important for a roof color to complement the home design. Certain colors are associated with specific building styles so the choice is easy. For example, neutral colors look good with rustic farmhouse styles. Red is an excellent match for a Spanish theme. Crisp white roofing offers a nice contrast to a colonial home in any color. Owners should also consider the colors of features like doors and shutters. It is a good idea for homeowners to make a list of their choices since contractors may not offer all colors.

Light Colors Are Energy Efficient

Metal roofs are energy efficient due to their construction, and the right color can make them more so. Lighter roofs reflect the sun very well while darker materials absorb heat. That might not be much of a factor in cold climates, but it can make a critical difference to those in warmer regions. A light roof can reduce air conditioning costs.

Roof Colors May Affect Property Values

Customers often choose durable metal roofs because they are attractive and great investments. However, a roof in a color that clashes with a neighborhood or home design may actually detract from the property’s value. Contractors suggest that customers request color swatches and see how they look with exterior walls and neighboring homes. Most clients do well when they choose light blue, green, or bronze roofs. Beige, white, and peach are also popular options that improve curb appeal.

Metal home roofs are excellent investments that can increase a home’s value and beauty. However, it is important for owners to choose roof colors that look good with home exteriors and mesh well with neighborhood houses. Lighter colors can also make roofs more energy efficient.