Consider a Fire Fountain to Attract New Customers

Hospitality, dining, and retail industries are continuously attempting to attract new customers to remain open for business. There are significant amounts of marketing dollars spent to get people through the front doors. Promotions, new menu items or products, themed days, and even half-priced deals are seen everywhere. These are excellent marketing strategies but can get boring and routine after a short amount of time.

Capitalize on Visualization

It is often said that people eat with their eyes first, they are attracted to grandiose hotel entrances, and prefer shopping in malls that are stunning from the outside. Capture their attention with a fire fountain in front of the building. The benefits of commercial use for these fountains are many. The stunning presentation alone will get people to stop and take notice.


Turning any water feature into a fire fountain is as easy as setting up a few accessories and having a natural gas line connected. Building a fire fountain from scratch is a slightly higher investment, but one that can be fitted into any business budget. Many fountains are offered with interchangeable nozzles so the height, flow, and disbursement of fire can be changed often. Submersible manifolds and automatic ignition systems will fascinate people and keep them guessing regarding how the effect is accomplished.

Custom Designs

A fire fountain can be custom designed so nothing else in the area will look quite like it. Getting everything needed is easy and fast on a one-stop website that has specialized in ponds, fountains, and aeration for fifteen years. Discuss space available, ideas for designs, and the desired effect to have a fire fountain customized for maximum benefit.

No Room for Fire?

If the entrance does not have enough space to safely add a fire fountain, other options are offered to attract new customers. A small Koi pond will capture interest, an impressive water fountain will get attention, and a shallow pond with a high-oxygen display surface aeration system will be noticed from a distance. Something out of the ordinary does not have to be expensive or require high maintenance. Consider these easy and low-maintenance options for the business.