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Factors to Look for in an Account Based Marketing Platform

Many people are currently interested in the account based marketing platforms since they cater to managing and measuring campaigns and programs from the accounting stage. The consideration of using account-based marketing platforms is solely based on their ability to address paramount issues that may arise on the workflow and also solve them. Unlike the previous times, marketers have the golden opportunity of having various choices on account-based marketing. The challenge is that all these platforms differ in terms of their characteristics and functionality. Here are some of the points to consider when looking for an account based platform.

Choosing and giving priority to the suitable accounts for your organization is the basis of achieving a successful ABM platform. The the platform should be capable of ensuring minimum time consumption on consolidating data from different sources through having an Al-based technology that helps in pointing out the best fit accounts and building lists.

You are advised to choose an ABM platform that is capable of reinforcing advertising that is account based and multichannel. A well pleasing number of target buyers can only be actively engaged through digital advertisements rather than other channels.

A a centralized source of truth for the entire revenue team is the only sure way to curb silos which can easily disrupt an ABM program. When choosing a platform, take into consideration the visibility of the cross-functional team in terms of engagement data and all the account lifecycle as this helps to prevent risks that may arise on the accounts.

When choosing an ABM platform ensure that it has the capacity of capturing and combining the company’s level, the individual all and the committee level since this is what separates it from other platforms.

For most marketers, the biggest difficulties is on centralizing the many data sources, especially on the absence of a common data model. Agood ABM platform should be capable of giving you access to your data in one location that brings all information from your Marketing Automation System, your customer relationship management, your website analytics, and your advertising data.

A good platform should give an option of letting your team know the most wanted accounts and the topics that they are dealing with in good time to ensure that your entire team gets empowered. The platform should give you information on all contacts since this will give you the opportunity to determine, rate and increase speed on your best accounts.

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