Need Help Getting Upstairs? Explore Different Types of Residential Lifts

Living in a multiple story home can be problematic for anyone with a mobility issue. Not only can it be painful and difficult to get up or down to different levels, but it can also be dangerous. One way to solve all these issues is to contact a company that performs residential home lift installation services. However, before making the call, it would be a good idea to have a bit of information on the different types of lifts available.

Traction Lifts

Traction lifts use a motor, rope, or pulley, and a counterweight to move the car up and down. The counterweight help offset the weigh of people in the car so the motor does not have to do all the work alone. This makes this type very energy efficient. In addition, the motor and other components can be fit into an attic or another area above the highest floor without the need for a motor and control room. However, a traction lift is going to be noisier than the other types.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts use a hydraulic piston that raises and lowers the car. They are very quiet and move quickly and smoothly. In most places, these lifts are also the least expensive to have installed. However, they do require extra space under the lift for the parts so the car will be level with the floor. In addition, a separate room is required for the mechanics. Some areas may require special permits for these lifts, and the owner will be responsible for any hydraulic fluid that leaks.

Pneumatic Lifts

Pneumatic lifts use air pressure and two tubes to lift the car. One tube fits inside the other and switches the direction of the air pressure. These lifts take up the least amount of space and can have a small car. However, a pneumatic lift has a lower weight capacity than the other types and will probably not be able to move a person who is in a motorized wheelchair or more than a couple of people at a time.

When a lift is necessary for mobility, consider which type will best suit the house and the person who needs it. It would be a good idea to go to the lift company and try the different types out before making a final decision.