4 Tips for First-Time Sofa Shoppers

Today’s buyers have more choices than ever, and the home furnishings market is no exception. Most homeowners think they know just what they want but, once they start shopping, they quickly become overwhelmed by the number of customization options. Save time, money, and regret by following these tips on sofa selection.

Think About Size First

If the living room is large, the first thing to do is to decide how much space the sofa should occupy. Will there be other chairs, couches, and seating areas, and will there be a coffee table? If so, an L-shaped sectional would be a good fit. However, if the sofa will be the room’s focal point, look for a rounded shape that takes up a little more room and provides more seating.

Choose an Orientation

Successful living room organization begins with a lifestyle analysis. What does the family do most in the space? If nighttime is TV time, be sure the couch faces that way. Are wine and game nights a common thing? Create a semi-circle around a well-placed table. With the right orientation, it’s easy for family members to do whatever they want to do.

Select a Shape

Now that the sofa’s function and placement have been determined, it’s time to decide which shape will fulfill the purpose. A simple L-shape is ideal for open areas in need of division, such as living and dining room combinations. Rounder shapes are better for smaller gathering areas and media rooms.

Consider Material Options

While aesthetics are important, functionality is crucial where sofa materials are concerned. Many people would love a white suede couch, but that’s not always practical. Suede upholstery is a bad choice if there are pets and small children in the home. Leather, especially in darker shades, is always in style, ages well, and is easy to clean.

Get Started Now

A new sofa can bring style and function to any living room, but it’s important to make the right choice. By following these tips, sofa shoppers will avoid buyer’s remorse and get furnishings they’ll enjoy for years to come. Get more details here or call today to schedule a design consultation.