Two Ways Induction-Ready Pots Make Cooking Easier and More Enjoyable

The benefits of cooking with induction are almost always apparent when sautéing. Being able to adjust the temperature quickly and pour on plenty of heat can easily bring out the best in a sauté pan.

Induction heating is not just beneficial when browned, caramelized food is the goal. Other, wetter types of cooking can just as well benefit from this increasingly popular technology. Owning a high-quality induction pot will open up many interesting possibilities.

Induction Provides More Control and Accuracy

Some of the most visually impressive and engaging types of cooking involve the use of relatively high heat and pans designed to facilitate the easy movement of dry ingredients. Sautéing is often used as a showcase for the advantages of inductive heating, and that is certainly understandable.

Many types of cooking, in practice, involve lower temperatures and more liquid than typically seen in a sauté pan. Induction-compatible pots can be used to make delicious:

  • Sauces. Some few kinds of sauces are easy enough for even the most absent-minded beginners to create. Many sauces, though, have to be worked together delicately or carefully lest they break, burn, or suffer other problems. Induction heating elements are very well suited to providing just enough heat to keep even the most challenging of sauces under control. The ability of an induction burner to maintain a very low and regular amount of heating will even allow many sauces to be kept waiting until everything else is ready.
  • Stock. Making a traditional stock takes many hours, and induction heating is the best way to keep things moving. Once again, the fine-grained adjustability of induction heating elements makes them perfect for making stocks. An induction-ready stock pot that responds quickly to changes in heat will also make it much easier to dial in the perfect balance for long cooking times.

Compatible Pots Belong in Every Induction Equipped Kitchen

Coupled with the way that induction burners can also bring a liquid to a boil so quickly, examples like these make it clear that this technology has applications that range far beyond the sauté pan. Pots designed to work well with induction heating elements often end up showcasing their capabilities to impressive effect.