Start A Cleaning Business: Think Deep Clean

Cleaning a home is one thing, but tackling larger projects such as buildings or schools is another. With today’s fast-paced society, the number of companies willing to clean different areas of the economy is growing. Now is the time to start thinking about creating a commercial cleaning business. Focusing on the idea of Deep Clean will push someone in the right direction.

How To Start A Cleaning Business: Tips and Tricks

The first thing to do is decide what type of commercial cleaning business should be established. Are small buildings or large buildings in the plan? Is the idea to keep the business small or grow it with the hiring of employees? This will help determine the types of buildings and part of the economy to target.

There are many different areas of commercial cleaning. Some are small buildings such as banks, gyms, daycares, mom-and-pop shops, and convenience stores. There are also small office buildings or large skyscrapers and schools.

Choosing A Name

The second thing to do is think about a name. Picking something professional is always the best way to go because, more often than not, the person will be working with professionals that will have much more respect. Choose something that expresses the company’s work ethic.

Next, once a business license is established, a checking account can be created. There are many banks willing to give free check and transactions. Having the same personal and business bank can be a bonus.


Obtaining insurance is the best step. Insurance is a requirement for commercial cleaning, and potential clients will want to see a certificate. Some may even want a certain limit on the insurance policy. Make sure to shop around.

The last thing to remember is determining rates. It does not have to be difficult. It is possible to make up rates, it but is best to review the competitors’ rates and determine an hourly rate that can generate the profit one wants to make. Things might change such as insurance, licenses, maintenance etc.

Remember that customers want a company to take care of their business just like that person takes care of their home—with care and with that idea of deep cleaning.