Why Metal Residential Roofs Are Becoming Trendy

Classic looks for homes have not changed much over the decades, so it is still common to find Cape Cod, traditional, historic, contemporary, and even Spanish styles in sought after neighborhoods. However, many of the wood, shingle, or clay roofs on houses are actually made of metal. Manufacturers now offer a huge variety of metal shingles and panels that have the charm of natural materials but are more durable and easier to maintain. Homeowners also install metal roofs because they offer an excellent return on investment and are energy efficient.

Easy Care Roofs Offer Style

Developments in metal roof manufacturing has resulted in beautiful materials that retain their elegant looks for decades with minimal care. Clients who want to match metal roofing materials to their decorating styles can simply visit sites like eriemetalroofs.com and use a “check it out here” option to view a variety of options. Suppliers offer metal panels and shingles in styles that replicate wood and dimensional shingles. Clients can find even choose metal roofs that appear to be made of Spanish clay tiles. Unlike original materials such as wood, metal roofs are so sturdy they last for decades with little maintenance.

Metal Roofs Are Great Investments

Installing a metal roof is also a smart financial move. Contractors estimate that metal roofs increase home resale values as much as 6%. Buyers are willing to pay more for homes with metal roofing because they know materials will not need to be replaced. Most metal roofs outlast homes. Owners who choose metal avoid the costs of roof repairs. Modern metal roofing systems are also so stylish they increase curb appeal.

Eco-Friendly Homeowners Like Metal Roofs

Many environmentally responsible homeowners choose metal roofs. Panels and shingles are usually made with recycled materials and are fully recyclable when they are removed from homes. They are also energy efficient, so homeowners reduce their use of natural resources and save money. Metal roofs help seal in air conditioned and heated air and even melt snow faster than conventional materials.

Homeowners who want beautiful, long-lasting new roofs often choose metal. They can select from a variety of styles that are good-looking enough to increase home values but require little maintenance. Energy-efficient, recyclable metal roofing materials are also good for the environment.