Types of Pillows to Consider

A great night’s sleep is something that everyone needs. However, if a person isn’t able to easily drift away to dreamland, it may be due to their pillows. There is some good news, though. There is a wide array of different pillow types to consider. Take some time to review some of the most popular types of pillows that are listed here.

Feather Pillows

Some people think that feathers can’t provide the support they need. What they don’t realize is that this simply isn’t the case. A feather, down pillow, offers support, softness and conformability. The feathers that are used in any quality pillows are extremely small and usually curled. Something that many don’t know is that one of these feathers is actually as strong as carbon fiber. They are considered to be nature’s “natural spring.”

Down Pillows

For those who prefer a soft and gentle pillow, down is the best option. Down is what comes from the fluffy undercoat of a bird. A person can think the feathers without the quills. A down pillow is going to be supple, puffy, soft and known for superior luxury. The most popular and luxurious type of down pillow is the European goose down option that has a fill power of 600 and more. When a down pillow is used, the user will discover it is cozy, light and fluffy, but they aren’t really designed to provide superior support.

Memory Foam Pillows

A memory pillow is a great option because they remember the person who sleeps on them. This means that a person is going to remain comfortable throughout the night because the pillow is designed to adjust to a person’s specific shape. This allows their head, neck, and shoulders to remain in a natural and comfortable position.

When it comes to choosing pillows, there are more than a few options to consider. Start with the options here and then explore some of the other ones that are out there. Doing so can help ensure a person gets the right pillow for their specific needs and their desired comfort level, which is extremely important.